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ERS Genomics & Demeetra Enter Into CRISPR/Cas9 Licensing Agreement

Dublin, Ireland and Kentucky, USA, September 12: ERS Genomics Limited (‘ERS’) is pleased to announce a new license agreement with Demeetra AgBio (‘Demeetra’). This is a non-exclusive licensing agreement granting Demeetra access to the ERS CRISPR/Cas9 patent portfolio which is sublicensable when combined with Cas-CLOVER.

Seamlessly Upgrade Your CRISPR Toolbox From Cas9 to Cas-CLOVER™

Over a decade ago, Cas9 came on the scene as the first RNA-guided nuclease, simplifying and expanding the use of gene editing. But now it’s time for an upgrade in performance and economy. Single RNA-guided Cas9 yields high off-target mutation frequencies, which often result in disruptions to product development. The small blunt-ended genomic deletions created…

Gene Editing May Soon Be Rolling in Clover

The early CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing systems didn’t lack for brashness. They quickly set new standards for economy and ease of use. They even seemed to offer high degrees of accuracy and efficiency. But soon, brashness started to show its limits. What was needed in its place was refinement. Possible alternatives to CRISPR-Cas9 included a transposase…

The Greatest Gene Editing Technology on the Planet?

As published in GEN Magazine. Cas-CLOVER significantly reduces off-target risk with a paired gRNA, deactivated Cas fusion protein (dCas), and dimeric Clo051 nuclease. A proven technology for cell line development (CLD) and bioprocessing, agriculture, and synthetic biotechnology, Cas-CLOVER also features high efficiency in target cells and organisms coupled with simple and flexible design and technology…

Past Events

BIO International 2023

The BIO International Convention is the world's largest biotechnology event, bringing together leaders and innovators from across the biotech industry to network, collaborate, and learn about the latest advances in biotechnology.

Novel Cell Line Engineering & Development Summit

Sanofi's Tiffany McLamarrah will be presenting "Capitalizing on the Power of Next Generation Gene Editing Using Cas-CLOVER" at 10:00 am on Conference Day 2. She will review use of the novel gene editing technique Cas-CLOVER to rapidly generate gene knock-out, using NGS and WGS to characterize gene knock-outs, and characterizing the stability of gene knock-outs over many generations.

Meet Demeetra & Hera At The 2023 Industrializing Cultivated Meats & Seafood Summit

The Industrializing Cultivated Meats & Seafood Summit is your one-stop-shop for optimizing products through precise and clean gene editing and progressing your products to shelves and tabletops across the globe.

89th American Mosquito Control Association Annual Meeting

Meet with the Demeetra team at Booth #511 to chat about the latest development strategies in mosquito control and to gain an intimate understanding of our cutting-edge larvicidal research.

Meet Demeetra At The 5th Annual CRISPR AgBio Congress

The 5th Annual CRISPR AgBio Congress will unite research leaders, molecular biologists, regulatory experts, and product developers across the industry working to translate cutting-edge CRISPR technology into a tangible product.

30th Annual Plant & Animal Genome Conference 2023

PAG30 is the premier and largest Ag genomics meeting in the world. Meet us there to learn how our gene editing tools, Cas-CLOVER nuclease and piggyBac transposase can enable research and commercial product development.

The Annual Bioprocessing Summit 2022

For more than 10 years, The Bioprocessing Summit has been recognized as the premier forum for industry leaders to share the latest research in bioprocessing. Meet our team in Boston to chat about the latest studies or to gain an intimate understanding of our cutting edge gene editing technology.

BioProcess International 2021

BioProcess International is the largest bioprocessing event for learning how to accelerate promising biologics, cell & gene therapies toward commercial success. Join us for a presentation discussing the implementation of Cas-CLOVER for cell line development.

Food And Agriculture Conference 2021

Discover how synthetic biology innovators and entrepreneurs are using bioengineering to transform global food systems for a sustainable future.

BIO Digital

BIO Digital is the world’s largest virtual biotech partnering and education event, convening thousands of global biotech leaders and innovators. Join us in our efforts to inspire a bio-revolution through education, partnering, collaboration and advocacy.

Plant Biology 2020

Watch some of the world’s best plant science research– facilitated by cutting-edge technologies which expand the traditional limits of communication, collaboration, and networking–and now available to the plant science community all over the world.

Bioprocess International 2020

The largest virtual bioprocessing event bringing you the science, technologies and partners needed to accelerate promising biologics towards commercial success.