About Us

Centrally located in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky, Demeetra AgBio was launched in 2019. Since inception we have built extensive gene editing know-how, complementing our internally developed as well as globally sourced portfolio of intellectual property. Our scientific team is composed of experts with diverse backgrounds in gene editing, ranging from microbes and plants, to mammalian cells. Scientific achievements include being the first to successfully edit plants and yeast with our precise Cas-CLOVER technology.

Demeetra's core focus is developing and optimizing gene editing technologies in commercially applicable systems. We transfer this new knowledge to our partners and provide simple commercial licenses with freedom to operate. We have experience in partnering and out-licensing with top pharmaceutical, biotech, and agtech companies. Our team works closely with collaborators to ensure successful implementation of Demeetra's gene editing technologies for their specific application.


Meet Our Team

Precision Without Limits: Freedom to Operate, Guided Expertise

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