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Our advanced gene editing technologies Cas-CLOVER™ and piggyBac® have the potential to optimize food production, enhance synthetic biotechnology, and open up a new world of therapeutics.

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Cas-CLOVER, The Clean Alternative To CRISPR/Cas9

Cas-CLOVER serves as “molecular scissors” by introducing targeted double-strand breaks in genomic DNA with knockouts, knock-ins and base-pair edits.

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piggyBac DNA Modification System

At elevated efficiencies, piggyBac transposase delivers any sized genetic cargo for stable and high expression. When Footprint-Free™ gene editing is required, excision-only piggyBac seamlessly removes selection markers and other genetic material

Validated In CHO Cells, Yeast and Plants

We specialize in multiple industries, allowing us to apply Cas-CLOVER and piggyBac technologies into broad real world applications.

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Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing

Bioprocessing and cell line development to produce human or non-human therapeutics

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Synthetic Biotechnology

Bioprocessing and strain improvement to produce therapeutics, industrial enzymes, compounds or biofuels

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Agriculture Biotechnology

Enable plant modifications that may not require GMO labels and for the production of novel therapeutics

Scientists Trust Our Gene Editing Technology

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“We are very happy with the efficiency of the targeted mutations we are getting with Cas-CLOVER in mammalian cells. It is impressive that although Cas-CLOVER requires dimerization it still has very high efficiency similar to CRISPR/Cas9. The one aspect of Cas-CLOVER that stood out for us was its ease of use. We have been working with CRISPR/Cas9 for many year now and Cas-CLOVER just fit in very nicely with our existing workflow for gene-editing with Cas9 or Cas9 nickase.”

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Tseten Jamling, PhD.

Head of Molecular Biology
Bristol Myers Squibb

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“Cas-CLOVER has several benefits to how the system works. The flexibility of the guide RNA design makes the system easy to use and gives a high specificity due to the use of two guide RNAs. It is very efficient due to the ability of the dead Cas9 to recognize the correct area of DNA, and since the Clo51 nuclease can only cut when dimerized the system has high fidelity.”

Demeetra AgBio

Kayla Bean, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Discovery Research
Elanco Animal Health

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