2D Cas-CLOVER-piggyBac Toolbox

Best-In-Class Gene Editing With Cas-CLOVER™ & piggyBac®

Try Cas-CLOVER and piggyBac together for Footprint-Free® Gene Editing.

2D Cas-CLOVER-piggyBac Toolbox

Cas-CLOVER can be combined with piggyBac for Footprint-Free Gene Editing. Cas-CLOVER is our exciting gene editing technology that functions as a cleaner alternative to CRISPR/Cas9. piggyBac is proven for stable gene integration and seamless excision with 750+ appearances in peer-reviewed journals.

Footprint-Free Gene Editing, Version 1

Step 1: With Cas-CLOVER, generate a double stranded break in the genomic DNA next to the desired gene edit. Using homologous recombination (HR) insert the desired gene edit along with a positive/negative selectable marker flanked by the piggyBac target sequences, inverted terminal repeats (ITRs).

Step 2: Select for the targeted integration of your desired gene edit, increasing efficiency of a sometimes very rare event by killing off all non-edited cells.

Step 3: Introduce excision-only piggyBac transposase which seamlessly removes the selectable marker leaving behind a correctly edited cell with no other footprints.

2D Cas-CLOVER + piggyBac Footprint-Free Gene Editing, Version 1
2D Cas-CLOVER-piggyBac Footprint-Free Gene Editing, Version 2

Footprint-Free Gene Editing, Version 2

Step 1: Stably introduce Cas-CLOVER into the cell or organism of choice using piggyBac transposase.

Step 2: The stable integration of Cas-CLOVER increases expression and editing efficiency.

Step 3: Introduce the gRNA and/or donor vectors for gene editing.

Step 4: Excision-only piggyBac is used to stably remove Cas-CLOVER, leaving behind the desired edit without a trace.

Used in CHO, Yeast, and Plant Cells

Both Cas-CLOVER and piggyBac gene editing technologies are advancing research across multiple industries today.

Demeetra AgBio

Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing

Bioprocessing and cell line engineering to produce human or non-human therapeutics

Yeast Icon big

Synthetic Biotechnology

Bioprocessing and strain improvement to produce therapeutics, industrial enzymes, compounds or biofuels

Plant Icon

Agriculture Biotechnology

Enable plant modifications that may not require GMO labels and for the production of novel therapeutics

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