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Optimize With Precise Gene Editing

In order to produce large quantities of life-saving biotherapeutics, cutting costs and saving time where possible, while at the same time not decreasing quality, is critical.

When it comes to bioprocessing, scientists have found that modifying current mammalian expression platforms where Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells are most commonly used is the answer to increasing efficiency.

Advanced gene editing in CHO cells with innovative technology like Cas-CLOVER and piggyBac can help advance the production of treatments for many different types of diseases - ranging from cancer and autoimmune diseases to neurologic disorders.

Cas-CLOVER More Precise Than CRISPR

A clean alternative to CRISPR, Cas-CLOVER has the potential to revolutionize the world of therapeutic bioprocessing by making precise, intentional and beneficial edits in the genetic material resulting in permanent changes.

You can learn more about the easy-to-license Cas-CLOVER gene editing technology by clicking on the link below.

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Cas-CLOVER Validated In CHO Cells

Combining specific targeting capabilities to further optimize robust CHO expression systems has significantly impacted bulk cell culture productivity. There’s an increased rate of high- producing cells resulting in improved efficiency.

For example, when the endogenous glutamine synthetase (GS) gene is knocked out in CHO cells, a six-fold increase in high-producing cell lines is achieved. Shown here are indel frequencies ~40% at the suspension sCHO GS locus where we successfully targeted the gene at 17 different loci and deleted an entire exon.

Cas-CLOVER can also be used to stably deliver one or more copies of the gene for expression. The targeted knock-in can occur at any genomic locus including “safe harbor” sites for high and consistent protein expression. We demonstrated this capability by targeting GFP to the H11 site in sCHO in just a few weeks.

piggyBac For Use In Animal Health Bioprocessing

piggyBac is a DNA modification transposase and transposon system that helps introduce small to very large genetic cargo stably into the genome, as well as remove genetic cargo in a scarless manner in transgenics and stable cell lines. piggyBac is non-viral, cost effective and very efficient.

We offer licenses to piggyBac transposase for animal health processing.

Learn more about piggyBac and our easy-to-use licenses by clicking on the link below.

2D piggyBac with Labels
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piggyBac Validated In CHO Cells With Significant Fold Increase

piggyBac has been validated for use in the generation of antibodies from CHO cell pools and individual clones.

In studies published by Eli Lilly and others, antibody titers as high as 7.6g/L were obtained from a heterogenous CHO cell population. Titers were improved for each of the four antibodies tested in comparison with control pools.

On average, the fold increase for the three mono-functional antibodies was approximately 4-fold, and for the bi-functional antibody tested was nearly 12-fold (specific productivity ranged from 4.2-9.3-fold improvement with the piggyBac pools one and outperformed competing Leap-In technology.

piggyBac Improves Protein Productivity

In recent studies involving CHO pools, piggyBac significantly increased protein production without sacrificing cell growth and viability. Protein quality analysis of the piggyBac pools were equal to the control, and that they maintained expression stability over 60 generations.

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Demeetra AgBio

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Gene editing technologies for commercial bioprocessing have traditionally been accessible only through cost-prohibitive licensing terms that may require high upfront fees, milestones, and royalties.

We are providing simple licenses structures with accessible economic terms and clear freedom-to-operate for Cas-CLOVER for commercial bioprocessing.

To start, check out our easy-to-use catalog page. After requesting the vials and signing a simple royalty-free MTA form, we’ll send you our basic use protocol, which includes maps; sequences; instructions on design and production of the gRNAs.

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Hear how Elanco Animal Health Research Scientist, Kayla Bean, Ph.D, explored how Cas-CLOVER optimizes the process for researchers who want to engineer the CHO and other genomes for cell line development aimed at protein expression.

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“Cas-CLOVER has several benefits to how the system works. The flexibility of the guide RNA design makes the system easy to use and gives a high specificity due to the use of two guide RNAs. It is very efficient due to the ability of the dead Cas9 to recognize the correct area of DNA, and since the Clo51 nuclease can only cut when dimerized the system has high fidelity.”

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Kayla Bean, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Discovery Research
Elanco Animal Health

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