Commercial Gene Editing Licenses with Freedom to Operate

Global and internal gene editing IP, optimized by Demeetra, transferred to you

Navigating the CRISPR/Cas9 licensing landscape is challenging because no single entity owns all the rights. Demeetra's patents for targeted nucleases are unique because they focus on Cas-CLOVER, a dimeric CRISPR based technology, which uses a distinct nuclease named Clo051, setting it apart from Cas9. Additionally, Demeetra's other primary technology, piggyBac, involves a transposase, making it completely separate from any CRISPR/Cas9 licensing issues.

Demeetra is the single source for Cas-CLOVER in bioprocessing, agriculture, and synthetic biology; as well as piggyBac for
synthetic biology and agriculture. Our IP portfolio includes globally and internally developed patents as well as internal know-how, protocols and trade secrets. In addition to our independent portfolio of patents we also offer clients a unique option to bundle Cas-CLOVER in-licenses with "foundational" CRISPR/Cas9 patents derived from Noble Prize winners Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna.

Our team of scientific experts operates a laboratory equipped to supply reagents and enhance technical procedures, leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience validated by numerous successful gene editing projects in cells, microbes, and plants. Partnering with us grants access to our unique intellectual property and internal guidance, facilitating the integration of gene editing technology into your operations.

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  • 6 to 12 month period based on the system
  • Evaluation fee, which includes the cost of reagents
  • Expert tech support and protocols

Full Use License

  • No royalties, flexibility of a one-time fee or breaking up the fee over multiple years
  • Freedom to operate
  • Own the IP you developed using our technology

We also encourage collaborations with academic groups focused on applying our gene editing technologies in their unique systems for later commercialization.

Precision Without Limits: Freedom to Operate, Guided Expertise

Contact us to learn more about our independent gene editing technology IP, optimized reagents and internal expertise to help guide smooth adoption.