Clean Gene Editing And Licensing With Cas-CLOVER

Our Cas-CLOVER gene editing technology helps eliminate off-target mutations and is available through a simple license.

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Easily designed and deployed reagents



Fast, dCas-guided sequence recognition



2 gRNAs match target and subunit dimerizes before cleavage

Dimerization Of Cas-CLOVER Means More Precision And High Efficiency

Cas-CLOVER utilizes the dimerization of the Clo051 nuclease to cleave DNA. The dCas fused to Clo051 is mutated so it is unable to cut DNA, serving only as a guide to the target sequence. Since Cas-CLOVER must dimerize to cut, our system requires two guide RNAs (gRNAs) to target the gene of interest, making our system highly targeted and functional only when Cas-CLOVER dimerizes at the correct target site.

Proven Efficiency in Multiple Systems


Cas-CLOVER can render full knockouts or edits in one transformation. We have demonstrated this with multiple systems in-house.

In our hands, we’ve transformed CHO cells (left graph) and S. cerevisiae (plate images, red colonies are edited) with either Cas-CLOVER or Cas9 and saw comparable editing efficiencies in both systems.

Using tobacco, a tetraploid (right graph), we’ve demonstrated Cas-CLOVER’s targeting efficiency by hitting all 4 alleles in almost 50% of regenerated shoots.

Exceptional Precision

Exceptional Precision

Our Cas-CLOVER system requires two gRNAs for gene targeting, resulting in minimal off-targets. In a recent publication from our sister company, Poseida Therapeutics, potential off-target sites were identified and Cas-CLOVER demonstrated a maximum potential off-target indel rate of under 1% (Madison et al 2022).

Exceptional Precision

Larger Deletions


Due to Clo051’s nuclease activity, Cas-CLOVER results in large deletions, ranging from 8 to 50 base pairs (bp). Large deletions result in more disruption of gene expression and function and enable rapid screening via traditional DNA agarose gels.

Validated In Mammalian Cells, Yeast, and Plants

We specialize in multiple industries, allowing us to apply Cas-CLOVER and piggyBac technologies into broad real world applications.

Demeetra AgBio

Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing

Bioprocessing and cell line engineering to produce human or non-human therapeutics

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Synthetic Biotechnology

Bioprocessing and strain improvement to produce therapeutics, industrial enzymes, compounds or biofuels

Plant Icon

Agriculture Biotechnology

Enable plant modifications that may not require GMO labels and for the production of novel therapeutics

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