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Applying Cas-CLOVER and piggyBac gene editing technology to yeast gene engineering creates vast opportunities for synthetic biology research and development.

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Efficiently Develop High-Performing
Yeast Strains

Due to their exceptional natural characteristics, yeasts and other microbes play an important role as the vector for bioproduction of biofuels, food additives and proteins.

By applying Cas-CLOVER and piggyBac gene editing technology to microbial strain engineering, these traits can be further leveraged for commercial manufacturing, product discovery and development.

If you have experienced unwanted off-target mutations or confusing licensing and limited freedom to operate when using gene editing tools like CRISPR, there is a more efficient alternative.


Cas-CLOVER More Precise Than CRISPR

A clean alternative to CRISPR, Cas-CLOVER has the potential to revolutionize the world of synthetic biology. This includes the engineering of metabolic pathways for improved biochemical synthesis by making precise, intentional and beneficial changes in the genetic material. Engineering with Cas-CLOVER can also be markerless!

You can learn more about the easy-to-license Cas-CLOVER gene editing technology by clicking on the link below.

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Cas-CLOVER High-Fidelity Targeting Validated In Yeast

The Cas-CLOVER gene editing system utilizes a truly dimeric Clo51 nucleus domain, recruited by a pair of guide RNAs (gRNAs) to introduce targeted mutations while removing the risk of off-targets.

Cas-CLOVER was used for markerless disruption of a pathway in yeast, resulting in the accumulation of red pigment in vacuole. Following optimization of our protocols (which we provide under the evaluation license) the targeted editing efficiency increased from 50% to 90%.

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piggyBac Proven Gene Integration and Expression in Yeasts

Known for its high-efficiency, stable and high expression, piggyBac is potentially active in all yeast strains. Unlike CRISPR, one piggyBac vector can rapidly develop mutant libraries for loss (gene-trapping) and gain of function (enhancer-trapping) across species. With piggyBac, genes are easily mapped, and phenotype reversion is seamless.

From small to large gene integration (200KB+), you can integrate one or more genes with one event. It is also a scar-less removal for phenotype reversion.

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Mutagenesis in S. Pombe Using piggyBac

Although S. pombe is a powerful genetic system, chemical mutagenesis requires extensive mapping, and CRISPR requires the design and testing of individual guide RNAs for each target.

When the Ura4+ selectable marker is flanked by piggyBac ITRs, piggyBac transposase “PBase” results in high-efficiency transposition.

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Gene editing technologies have traditionally been accessible only through cost-prohibitive licensing terms that may require high upfront fees, milestones, and royalties.

We are providing simple license structures with accessible economic terms for Cas-CLOVER and piggyBac for synthetic biology as well as proof-of-concept services.

To start, check out our easy-to-use catalog page. After requesting the vials and signing a simple royalty-free MTA form, we’ll send you our basic use protocol, which includes maps; sequences; instructions on design and production of the gRNAs.

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See How Scientists Are Using Our Gene Editing Tools

Hear how Elanco Animal Health Research Scientist, Kayla Bean, Ph.D, explored how Cas-CLOVER optimizes the process for researchers who want to engineer the CHO and other genomes for cell line development aimed at protein expression.

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“The flexibility of the guide RNA design makes the system easy to use and gives high specificity due to the use of the two guide RNAs.

It is very efficient due to the ability of the dead Cas9s to recognize the current area of DNA, and since the clo51 nuclease can only cut when dimerized, the system has high fidelity.”

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Kayla Bean, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Discovery Research
Elanco Animal Health

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Easy-To License Gene Editing Tools

We recognize the impact that gene editing tools can have on synthetic biotechnology, and ultimately, the future of science.

The validated Cas-CLOVER and piggyBac activity in yeast is exciting for synthetic biotechnology as it opens up numerous opportunities.

We are offering clear commercial freedom to operate and simple accessible licenses to commercial users. We are interested in special collaborations with academic groups that can result in methods to increase productivity and efficiency while consistently bringing quality therapies to market.

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