Meet Demeetra at BioProcess International West

Meet our team for an introduction to our CRISPR alternative, Cas-CLOVER™. You can also catch us at our poster "piggyBac Transposase and Cas-CLOVER Targeted Nuclease Enable Rapid Discovery of Novel Hot Spots in HEK293 Suspension Cells"

March 11-14, 2024
Town and Country Resort, San Diego, California

Gianguido frame

Meet with Demeetra!

Gianguido Coffa, our Business Development associate, will be attending the conference. If you are also attending and would like to schedule a meeting, you can reach out to him using the ConnectMe App.

Cas-CLOVER, The Clean Alternative To CRISPR/Cas9

Cas-CLOVER serves as “molecular scissors” by introducing targeted double-strand breaks in genomic DNA with knockouts and knock-ins. Learn more about its bioproduction applications below.

Demeetra PAG30 copy template (2)