Meet Demeetra & Hera At The 2023 Cultivated Meats Conference

The Industrializing Cultivated Meats & Seafood Summit is your one-stop-shop for optimizing products through precise and clean gene editing and progressing your products to shelves and tabletops across the globe.

July 25–27, 2023
Boston, Massachusetts


Cas-CLOVER & piggyBac Gene Editing Ideal for Commercial Food Product Development

Team up with the sister companies - Demeetra and Hera - to discover the simplicity of accessing gene editing and cell line development technology and services. Utilize the piggyBac® transposon, the gold standard in protein production, cell immortalization, reprogramming and differentiation; published in chicken, cow, pig, goat, fish, and mollusks.

Target any gene with Cas-CLOVER™ nuclease, “the clean alternative to CRISPR/Cas9” to remove, introduce or edit genes and proteins. Improve productivity and nutrition of your cells. Before licensing the technology from Demeetra, evaluate it in-house or work with Hera, a custom cell line editing services provider with pharmaceutical grade quality of service.

License Gene Editing Tech With Demeetra

Our true north is simple and accessible licenses to commercial users and academic groups focused on gene editing discoveries in synthetic biotechnology and bioprocessing. We're excited to meet you! We will see you at the exhbit hall. Contact us with any questions or to start your project

Cultivated Meat & Seafood Summit
Outsource Your Pilot Study To Hera

Outsource Your Pilot Study To Hera

Hera helps researchers create cells with advanced traits for biomanufacturing. Leverage their experience in over 75 cell lines to get your evaluation study done.

Validate and see the benefits of Cas-CLOVER for your specific use case with minimal overhead risk.

Learn About Cas-CLOVER and piggyBac

Demeetra and Hera deliver top biotechnology to researchers on the front lines of discovery. Learn more about our cutting edge technology.