We're attending the Plant & Animal Genome Conference

PAG31 is the premier and largest Ag genomics meeting in the world. Meet us there to learn how our gene editing tools, Cas-CLOVER nuclease and piggyBac transposase, can enable research and commercial product development.

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Meet with Demeetra!

Gianguido Coffa will be attending PAG31. While attending, he would love to meet in person to discuss how our gene-editing technologies, Cas-CLOVER and hyperactive piggyBac, may be the solution you need for your projects.

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Cas-CLOVER, The Clean Alternative to CRISPR/Cas9

With more precision, high efficiency, flexible design, larger deletions & simpler screening, Cas-CLOVER surpasses Cas9 in a multitude of facets. Cas-CLOVER leverages two gRNAs and two dimerized Clo051 nucleases to ensure these “molecular scissors” snip the right site.

Demeetra PAG30 copy template (2)
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Foot-Print Free Gene Editing With piggyBac

With piggyBac, genes are stably inserted, easily mapped and genomic/phenotype reversion is seamless. Validated in animal, yeast, and plant cells, piggyBac can seamlessly introduce and excise small or large cargo ranging from selection markers and Cas-CLOVER to full genes, multi-gene constructs and entire bacterial-artificial-chromosomes (BACs).