Meet Demeetra at the 30th Annual Plant & Animal Genome Conference 2023

PAG30 is the premier and largest Ag genomics meeting in the world. Meet us there to learn how our gene editing tools, Cas-CLOVER nuclease and piggyBac transposase can enable research and commercial product development.

January 13th–18th, 2023
The Town & Country Hotel | San Diego, CA

Demeetra PAG30 copy template
Free Vial

Get a Free Vial at PAG

Special access to cutting-edge gene editing technologies - Cas-CLOVER and piggyBac - and gain personalized insight on specific applications for agriculture.

Stop by Booth #618 for a free vial of Cas-CLOVER and piggyBac transposons to try in your lab, a $650+ value!

Demeetra PAG30 copy template (2)

Cas-CLOVER, The Clean Alternative to CRISPR/Cas9

With more precision, high efficiency, flexible design, larger deletions & simpler screening, Cas-CLOVER surpasses Cas9 in a multitude of facets. Cas-CLOVER leverages two gRNAs and two dimerized Clo051 nucleases to ensure these “molecular scissors” snip the right site.

Demeetra PAG30 copy template (2)
Demeetra PAG30 copy template (3)
Demeetra PAG30 copy template (3)

Foot-Print Free Gene Editing With piggyBac

With piggyBac, genes are stably inserted, easily mapped and genomic/phenotype reversion is seamless. Validated in animal, yeast, and plant cells, piggyBac can seamlessly introduce and excise small or large cargo ranging from selection markers and Cas-CLOVER to full genes, multi-gene constructs and entire bacterial-artificial-chromosomes (BACs).