Yeast Cas-CLOVER Gene Editing Vector Suite


We offer a series of yeast-based shuttle vectors for the expression of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae codon optimized version of Cas-CLOVER. In this platform we have designed the plasmids such that gRNA expression is polyscistronic. Expression is driven by ScDMPR1, a proprietary promoter (information will be provided following your purchase), and individual guides are liberated via an intervening tRNA. Plasmids are offered on low copy CEN/ARS origin of replication.

Selection markers offered:

  • pDMT1-125: LEU2
  • pDMT1-126: URA3
  • pDMT1-127: Neomycin Phosphotransferase Gene (NPTII)
  • pDMT1-128: Hygromycin Phosphotransferase Gene (HPT)

5µg vial

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pDMT1-124, pDMT1-125, pDMT1-126, pDMT1-127, pDMT1-128


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