Plant Cas-CLOVER Gene Editing Plasmid Vector Suite


pDMT1-1 is a T-DNA based plant transformation vector for gene knockout in plants using the Cas-CLOVER system. The system is codon optimized for plant expression. Expression of Cas-CLOVER is driven by a CaMV35S promoter. gRNA expression is driven by a OsU3 promoter. Antibiotic resistance is conferred by the Hygromycin Phosphotransferase Gene.

5µg vial

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pDMT1-1, pDMT3-4, pDMT1-123, pDMT1-112, pDMT1-114, pDMT1-116, pDMT1-118, pDMT1-136, pDMT1-137, pDMT1-138, pDMT1-142, pDMT1-143, pDMT1-144, pDMT1-145, pDMT1-146, pDMT1-147


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