Building a Platform to Create Virtually
Unlimited Bioproduct Candidates

Accelerating Gene Editing Research in Cannabis

We are on the cutting edge of bioproduct development - leveraging our novel gene editing technology to accelerate discovery of novel chemicals and pathways on multiple fronts.

In pursuit of cannabinoid therapeutic development, we are applying groundbreaking methods to reach milestones in this emerging field of research.

Advanced Manufacturing of Cannabinoids through Cannabis Plants

We leverage our Cas-CLOVER and piggyBac biotechnology, as well as traditional breeding techniques, to manufacture calibrated cannabis plants that produce specific cannabinoids.

Demeetra AgBio
2D Cas-CLOVER-piggyBac Toolbox

Bioengineer Advanced Compounds and Novel Cannabinoid Biosynthetic Pathways

We use our Cas-CLOVER and piggyBac biotechnology, via modern synthetic and bioprocessing, to scalably biomanufacture cannabinoids.

Demeetra AgBio

How it Works

Our advanced gene editing technologies introduce engineered pathways in organisms, thereby creating an engine for virtually unlimited therapeutic drug candidates.